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Daniel Sonnentag, photographer, filmmaker, writer, enthusiast, workaholic, lover & fighter. That's me.

Born and raised in Berlin/Germany in 1982, back when it was still the island of West-Berlin.

I started chasing my ideas and dreams in 1999, made my way through many formative and educating steps, on photo and film productions, in agencies, production companies, in rental houses and big studios.

What drives me is story! No matter if in a single frame or 25 per second. If you want to reach your audience, I believe you've got to give them something of value. And I believe I know how to do that, through story.

Since 2007 I'm officially self employed and since that time I have worked for many clients, big and small. 

With my personal projects I have exhibited and sold my works in Berlin, Washington D.C., NYC.

Some of my clients include eBay, Porsche Design, Audi, Vilsa Brunnen, Marc Cain, H&M, Wella, Campari, Shan Rahimkhan,

Guido Maria Kretschmer, Deutscher Filmpreis and many more.

But all of that is just talk. If my work speaks to you, let's get creating.

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